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Butterflies & Bugs

 Butterflies & Bugs

TWO WEEK Drawing SERIES for Youngsters


This time of year brings delightful sightings of butterflies & bugs. They are something that fills most of our hearts with glee.

During this two week series, we will find fun in studying and drawing some of these beautiful insects. The youngsters will learn valuable drawing basics they will be able incorporate in their future drawings. This series is perfect for the youngster who loves insects and loves being creative.

WHAT IS NEEDED FOR CLASS: Favorite Sketchbook + Favorite Drawing Pencil

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR: Youngsters 4th – 8th grade
Class size limited.

The class will be held at BrynTeg Farm’s Home Office which is a cozy home in Oconomowoc, WI.

WHEN IS THIS CLASS: Next Series offered in 2020
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